Canyoning 66 Pyrenees Orientales


Canyoning 66 Pyrenees Orientales

close Perpignan

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canyoning climbing hiking in the Pyrenees Orientales

To discover what the canyoning We have prepared an explanatory levels and difficulty on this link :

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Canyoning 66 Pyrenees Orientales – Ceret

Avec nous que les plus beaux canyons du 66, Canyoning à Perpignan in the Pyrenees Orientales. Unforgettable day, change of scenery and magnificent surroundings of dream to not even 45 min des plages.

We are the ideal time for course canyoning hills and mountains above Céret canyoning 66 Perpignan.

Canyoning 66 Pyrenees Orientales - The Gourg of Annelles

Canyoning Céret 66: à proximite de Ceret nous avons plusieurs trés beaux canyons à vous proposer: the Gourg of Annelles, the Mas Calsan, the Baoussous….

A canyon exceptional , 3h30 de descente, ideal to start. The architecture of this canyon is an impressive space has both grand and cashed, perfect lines, the rock mass, expressing a latent force that enjoys the sun and its reflections in clear water. The impressions are many and do not lack.

Des cascades, recall, slides jumps, playful passages under rocks, emotion and feeling to the best of your memories.

Canyoning 66 Pyrénées Orientales à Céret Le Mas Calsan

is one of canyons du 66, of Pyrenees Orientales little traveled. His speed drops very quickly if it is not fed by rain.
Even before the summer flow becomes too low… Read more: Mas Calsan

canyoning Pyrénées orientales 66 le Llech

canyoning Pyrénées Orientales 66 initiation

The canyoning to 20 min de Perpignan to Ceret, a canyon which is at around 5 am the day of descent picnic included.

Very aesthetic and very elegant forms of rock are pure, it is rich in emotions and sensations.

With slides of the jumps and abseiling Mas Calsan offers us all what we can expect a grand canyon which is still very accessible without a practical level too high. If the flow is large it becomes a canyon technique complex in which one should not venture without some very good technical foundation and a good physical condition.

For reservations sizes and weights of participants by mail or telephone

former: 1,65m 65 kg.

Details of the place of appointment by return mail or téléphone.Au pleasure of this novel down …

Entries and departures canyoning each day
Reservations at tel 0033 (0)607318825 ou par le menu contact

Canyoning 66 Pyrenees Orientales – Perpignan practice of canyoning all year

Winter – With the privilege of canyoning or Canyoning d ' thermal water of us Pyrenees Orientales here close to Perpignan 66 nous n’arrêtons pas la pratique du canyoning durant les mois d’hiver, for another charm d basins’thermal water invite us to relaxation, further, the natural hot shower is offered to us and the atmosphere snowflakes can add to the decor.

Printemps - This is the paradise canyons of Valespir and hills Ceret 66.

The privileged of this season will enjoy the flow of water ideal for water slides and washed down with jump reminders and light sets of waterfalls in the spring sunshine fairy.

It is best to practice the most beautiful canyons du 66 say by several professionals in the region. Flow reduce their assets too quickly for the summer and limited practice by Ceret

Summer – the water levels of rivers and down the choise of canyons of 66 praticables se réduit à Ceret, however, canyons still too closed to flow of


canyoning 66 pyrénées orientales proche Perpignan, Céret

Canyoning 66 Pyrenees Orientales

Canigou, Sacred Mountain of Catalan, will become feasible. Towards the beginning of July the snow, are at their end to the heights of Canigou. By canyoning reaches its maximum attendance for the canyon the most traveled of Pyrenees Orientales , the famous Llech. Considéré par beaucoup comme l’un des plus beaux canyon pas seulement pour le Canyoning 66 in Pyrenees Orientales but in Europe.

Fall – With some rain we return to Ceret, and if the cold settles, back in hot water and the Canyon hot springs.

Canyoning 66 Perpignan, Pyrenees Orientales

The Gourg Annelles of video image

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Canyoning Climbing Hiking in thes Pyrenees Orientales 66 Internship, weekends from beginner to advanced.

canyoning pyrénées orientales, canyoning 66 proche perpignan, ceret

Canyoning Pyrénées Orientales proche Perpignan 66

A bien tôt pour les plus belles descentes de canyon… faites vos réservations à l’avance pour le Canyoning 66 Pyrenees Orientales !

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Canyoning Llech

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