Escalade Paris

Climbing Paris and île-de-France

Practice l’climbing in Paris has become quite run currently with the number of bathrooms’climbing that open their doors. As many private or owned by the city of Paris bear witness to the increasing this activity popularity, in fact l’climbing account from day to day more followers.

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Introductory private adults children

Develop: courses and workshops

Great initiation pathway

Internship climbing cliff, the natural rock for weekends and holidays.

All climbing in Paris rooms

Ropes climbing halls

Block climbing halls

Gyms and climbing of the Paris city walls

Climbing in Paris courses proposed by climbing halls

Climbing in Paris courses offered by professors of climbing diplomas of State.

Guardian for a discovery climbing meeting.

You are climber autonomous at least in roping and you're ready to render service to a person who wants to discover, You agree to be her guardian and sign for him at its first meeting in a room of escalation of Paris.

salle escalade Paris le nouveau devers de MurMur

room escalation Paris the new devers murmur

Escalade Paris 19 Ladoumègue

Escalade Paris 19 Centre Ladoumègue Accessible to the autonomous climbers for theclimbing in roping , Ladoumègue climbing wall will be open to the public from the 12 January 2014. see the: Schedule climbing Paris 19 Ladoumègue Share the post “Escalade Paris 19 Ladoumègue” Facebook Twitter Google

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Escalade Paris 8 Beaujon

Climbing Paris 8th wall climbing Beaujon The escalation of the 8th Paris gymnasium gymnasium Beaujon will open its doors to the public the 12 January 2014... in theory and according to the DYS - riding West show the Schedule climbing Paris 8th Beaujon Share the post “Escalade Paris 8 Beaujon” Facebook Twitter Google

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