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Courses and individual training

The course of climbing individual Initiation or improvement are with maximum courses three participants or the monitor will respond to a custom search on skills and the demands of its students.

The meetings of one to three hours are offered will the requests and needs of each.

Courses and child workshops

Several types of courses are offered by age by level or objective.

Youth internships (in indoor climbing)

Introductory climbing course (parents children climbing or natural)

Refresher courses (indoor climbing and natural site)

Autonomy in the great process of climbing courses

Adventure climbing course

Courses and workshops climbing youth

Courses and workshops climbing adults

Courses and workshops climbing family

  • Initiation Escalade

  • Climbs in roping

  • First roped climbs (in head)

  • Different approaches will sites of climbs

  • Classification of climbing

  • Technical pure climbs sign directory

Course of escalation Paris Paris region

Learn databases climbing When you live in Paris became very run today with the number of rooms and artificial climbing walls of the île-de-France.

Do not leave the safety of the practice of climbing into the hands of a volunteer !

In France we can climb in safety thanks to older experience that we helped over time to define and set security for the practice and to include them in standards. The French through the CREPS State trains professionals who are required to know and apply these rules. To access has such training the candidate must pass through many years of experience in climbing, a comprehensive training and examinations.

An initiator volunteer Federal or not can get a degree (non-professional within a few weeks of practice.

Attention !!! Do not rely on the stories, Volunteers, because as much between them there are really very competent, as it is have that have the semblance of being. The concern is that you can not see it and decide between them only after having acquired the knowledge and necessary skills.

  • Or practice l’climbing in Paris

The possibilities are multiple : initiation, improvement, training, the climbs in Paris made her place with an increasing attendance from day to day. For the most part know the rooms’climbing in Paris and île-de-France, SAE (artificial structure escalation), do not forget that the site of climbing block Fontainebleau is a unique place to share its geology but also well known of the climber in the world … This site hosts many more climbers from the four corners of the world, only the frequenter of Parisian. It is a place of extraordinary practice for those who love climbing block or the bouldering.

  • Climbing in Paris and Paris region courses

Contact you directly to a Climbing monitor diploma of State who you proposeras custom course or a climbing hall that you proposeras a partner of the room monitor.

I'm partner of several climbing in Paris rooms and region mainly two rooms MurMur ( Puppies and Issy les Moulineaux ) in these two rooms if you go ask courses climbing with me JULEA Adrian and one you probably proposeras niches.

String manipulations and security techniques

To become autonomous climbing indoors or Fontainebleau which is a site of block, you do not need many courses …


During a RAID in the South to discover climbing in natural rock : placement of feet to slab …


Climbing artificial walls rooms


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Climbing Games

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