Climbing Paris île-de-France

Île-de-France and Paris climbing sites


Climbing natural sites île-de-France:

The most important natural site of block d’climbing France is located in Ile-de-France, world-famous: Fontainebleau climbing block Paris region île-de-France climbers from around the world in dream and come discover it, I am so surprised when I hear new climbers in the Paris region wonder if it's worth to try l’climbing in Fontainebleau ???!!!!

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Climbing halls Paris, Ile-de-France

The choice is made between types of rooms from climbs or climbing in the Paris region :

Block climbing halls maximum climbing structures 5 metres in height, the fall is dampened by large foam mats. Climbers don't need harness, rope, a teammate of climbing or to ensure. This type of climbing is complex and elaborate movements using an explosive energy sector-oriented, short and intense efforts, the games generally has between 4 and 12 movements.

Ropes climbing halls structures in heights generally between 10 m and 20 m, the fall is protected by the rope that holds the climber. It climbs by teams of two or in turn each provides one who climbs. Climbing requires obligatorily a harness or harness, and for the minimum knowledge of belaying in roping. Climbing is a less intense and distributed effort on several movements Web-oriented.

Introduction to development : Climbing in Paris monitor State diploma courses

Ropes climbing halls

MurMur Issy les Moulineaux TOP OF SEINE (92) - indoor climbing stringed height 12 m, South of Paris

MurMur Pantin SEINE-SAINT-DENIS (93) - indoor climbing stringed height of 17 m north of ParisSS

The Nautil PONTAULT-CombaultSEINE-ET-MARNE (77) – indoor climbing stringed height 18 m

Urban escape in Epinay VAL-DE-MARNE (94)indoor climbing stringed height 15 m

Antrebloc Villejuif VAL-de-MARNE(94) indoor climbing stringed height 11 m

ROC and resin in Thiais VAL-DE-MARNE (94)

Rooms climbing block

Vertical Art Montigny-le-Bretonneux YVELINES (78) - room block

Block'Out 3 Evry-Lisses ESSONNE (91) - room block

salle grimpe bloc paris ile-de-france

room escalation block Paris île-de-France


Blocbuster in Courbevoie - room block

Block'Out 2 St-Ouen - room block

Arkose Montreuil - room block

HardBloc Alforville VAL-DE-MARNE (94) - room block

Antrebloc Villejuif VAL-de-MARNE(94) - room block

Block'Out 1 VAL-D'OISE (95) in CergyRoom block

The Paris region and l’Ile-de-France also has severalclimbing in the gymnasiums of the city walls. These man-made structures belong to the town and are part of the public domain.

 Beaujon salle d'escalade à Paris île-de-france

Paris Ile-de-France France the highest wall climbing Hall

However their administration is left to one or more associations.

One of the most beautiful Europe climbing rooms located in Paris in 8th district.

It is the Centre Sportif Beaujon – a dedicated gym on the climbs with the highest France climbing wall 18,50m and the second in Europe.



The artificial climbing structures multiply and the indoor climbing know more followers. The’climbing artificial structure, imitating better the rock climbing, became a sport at gate of city public. Without the congestion of the long journeys to access to the natural climbing site the number of practitioners increases day by day. There exist today relatively many rooms d’climbing around Paris and île-de-France




nouveau devers MurMur Pantin

Opening devers MurMur puppies

Opening devers MurMur puppies The new climbing routes of new surfaces of climbs of MurMur puppies are open. the devers is really well designed with well thought-out inclinations. Some affordable ways of a level 6 open new possibilities of climbing and training and pleasure for the weaker… well homogeneous and particularly open with …

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MurMur new cant

The MurMur puppies new devers room The grand devers, room MurMur de Pantin is still in the works the 04/08/14, the advanced structure in summer with interesting inclinations. Two other vertical pan are behind this new devers everything beautiful that asks more has to be try ! Therefore MurMur …

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